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The ultimate guide for houseplant care

On this page, you'll find all resources you'll need to take care of your plants and specifically your houseplants. These resources range from information about plant care, information about fertilizer, soil, growing mediums, common pests and more.

Find your perfect plant with these characteristics

Beginner-friendly and low-light houseplants Beginner-friendly and moisture-loving houseplants Beginner-friendly and tropical houseplants Beginner-friendly and sun-loving houseplants Beginner-friendly and pet-friendly houseplants Beginner-friendly and fast-growing houseplants Low-light and pet-friendly houseplants Low-light and sun-loving houseplants Pet-friendly and tropical houseplants Pet-friendly and sun-loving houseplants Moisture-loving and pet-friendly houseplants Fast-growing houseplants Tropical houseplants Moisture-loving and tropical houseplants Sun-loving and tropical houseplants Moisture-loving houseplants Moisture-loving and sun-loving houseplants Sun-loving houseplants

If we haven't covered your plant yet, you can request a plant guide or donate a plant to get your preferred plant on this list as well.

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We've written a lot of guides about all kinds of aspects of taking care of plants, but we could've missed that specific topic you were looking for. If that's the case, you can request a plant guide or donate a plant. This way we can provide you with the information you need quickly and you won't have to wonder if you're taking care of your plant properly anymore.