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About Plant care for Beginners

Welcome to Plant care for Beginners!

I'm glad you're here and I hope you found the plant care tips helpful so far. You might be wondering, who's behind Plant care for Beginners? Is it a company or a person?

Hi, I'm Roelof Jan! I'm the person behind Plant care for Beginners.

I started taking care of plants around December 2018 and have been actively looking for tricks to help my plants thrive over a longer period of time. Most plants from the beginning are still around, so my tricks work for my own plants.

Roelof Jan Elsinga

Why did I start Plant care for Beginners?

I started Plant care for Beginners in April 2019 because I figured out a few tricks to keep my plants alive and people around me kept mentioning they had trouble keeping their plants alive.

Starting this website was my way of trying to help other's to take care of their plants using the tricks I have found to keep mine healthy. I'm a software engineer by trade, so starting a website is usually my first solution to problems.

A month after launching this website, I started my Instagram and Tumblr account. I wanted to be more involved in the plant community and help others on the platforms they already visit on a daily basis. Shortly after, I also started a Facebook community to answer questions anyone might have about taking care of plants.

My favorite plants

I like all plants, but I have two favorites! Don't tell the other plants about this though. My favorite plants are:

They're both striking plants with beautiful patterns. Their needs are very different, so taking care of them both gives a nice variety. The Sansevieria is a very low-maintenance plant, while the Alocasia Zebrina has a few more requirements.

Why I love using Leca

If you've read the most recent plant guides than you know I use Leca very regularly. In fact, I'm in the process of converting plants that struggle in soil to Leca. Leca makes taking care of plants so much easier. It makes the maintenance of any plant much easier and it's very rare to have any watering related issues.

Don't get me wrong, soil is still great. I just like the convenience Leca gives me a little bit more. Not having to worry if my plants are going to die when I don't touch them for a week or two is a wonderful feeling.