What is Leca and why is it useful for plants?

Do I need to use fertilizer when using Leca?


Leca itself doesn't contain any nutrients, so you'll have to provide this when watering.

You'll need special semi-hydroponics fertilizer for this, fertilizer for plants in soil is not usable in this situation.

Do I need to clean the Leca?

Every once in a while your leca balls might turn white from the calcium in the water you're using.

It's good to wash this off.

When your Leca is exposed to light, when using a glass vase instead of a pot, you might get algae.

You should wash this off by washing the Leca balls in water.

How do I avoid algae?

Algae only grows when the sun reaches the soaked Leca.

As long as you make sure the sun doesn't reach the soaked Leca, you won't get any algae.

How often should you water plants in Leca?

You should only water your plants in Leca when the clay balls aren't able to soak up any new water from the bottom of the pot.

Once this happens, it's time to water your plant again.

This is usually once every two weeks, but it all depends on how much Leca you're using, how big your pot is, and how much moisture your plant absorbs.

Where can you buy Leca pebbles?

You can buy Leca, the clay balls, in almost all garden centers.

However, you can also buy them online from several sellers.

They're not difficult to find.

What are Leca pebbles?

Leca is an acronym and it stands for: Lightweight expanded clay aggregate.

It sounds very complicated, but it's quite easy to explain.

Essentially, Leca is a growing medium, like soil, in which you can grow your plants.

Leca is a collection of baked clay balls that expand when you soak them in water.

What does Leca mean?

Leca is an acronym and it stands for: Lightweight expanded clay aggregate.

It's a growing medium for plants.

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