How to use Neem Oil with plants

What is Neem oil?

Neem Oil is a natural essential oil from a Neem tree.

It's often used in vegetable and fruit gardens to fight pests, but can also be used for a lot of other purposes.

Does Neem Oil smell bad?

Neem Oil has a strong scent, this scent is what scares off any pests.

It smells a little like garlic and nuts combined.

This can be a bad smell to some, but a good smell to others.

Can you use Neem oil on any plant?

You can use Neem Oil on most plants, but it won't be effective on plants that don't have smooth surfaces.

If your plants have fur, needles, and any other way to allow pests to crawl deeper in the leaves to escape the Neem Oil, it won't be effective.

How do you make your own Neem Oil mixture?

You can make your own Neem Oil mix like this: fill your spray bottle with warm water, add 0.

5 teaspoon of Neem Oil and a few drops of dish soap (3-4 drops).

Put the lid on your spray bottle and shake it well.

How do you apply Neem oil to your plants?

There are several ways to apply Neem Oil to your plants: add Neem Oil to a spray bottle and mist your plants, add Neem Oil to a bowl with water and soap and wipe off your plant, or use a Q-Tip dipped in your Neem Oil water mix to remove pests.

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