How to take care of an Anthurium

How often should you water the Anthurium?

The Anthurium loves to be in a moist environment.

It loves to be in moist soil most of the time, so you should water it when the top 2.

5 cm (1 inch) has dried out.

On average this is about once every 4-7 days.

How much sunlight does the Anthurium need?

The Anthurium loves indirect sunlight.

You shouldn't put it in a spot where it gets direct sunlight as this causes its leaves to turn yellow and sunburns to show up on the Anthurium.

What is the best soil for the Anthurium?

The soil for your Anthurium should hold onto moisture for a few days before you water it again.

Your Anthurium loves moist soil, not wet soil, so the soil should drain excess water quickly.

How often should you fertilize the Anthurium?

Your Anthurium is needs fertilizer to stay healthy throughout the year.

You should fertilize your Anthurium once at the beginning of spring and once at the beginning of summer.

You shouldn't fertilize your Anthurium in the winter.

Is the Anthurium toxic for pets?

The Anthurium is mildly toxic to your pets and should be kept out of reach for them.

If you notice your pet has chewed on your Anthurium keep on eye on them and call your veterinarian when your pet is starting to throw up.

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