How to take care of African Violets

How often should you water the African Violet?

The African Violet thrives in soil that's lightly moist.

On average, you should water your African violet once per week.

How much sunlight does the African Violet need?

The African Violet thrives in indirect sunlight.

You shouldn't put it in a spot where it gets direct sunlight as this might cause sunburns to show up on the African Violet.

It needs the bright indirect sunlight to grow its beautiful flowers.

What is the best soil for the African Violet?

The soil for your African Violet should hold onto moisture for a few days, but drain any excess water to the bottom of the pot.

The best soil contains a mixture of perlite, coconut coir, potting soil, and sand.

This provides moisture retaining properties and excellent drainage.

How often should you fertilize the African Violet?

Your African Violet needs fertilizer to stay healthy throughout the year.

During the spring and summer, you should fertilize your African Violets once every 14 days.

In the fall and winter, you shouldn't fertilize the plant at all to prevent over-fertilizing.

Is the African Violet toxic for pets?

The African Violet is not toxic to your pets and is completely safe to have around them.

Even if they chew on the leaves or stems, they won't be harmed.

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