How to take care of a Jade Plant

How often should you water the Jade Plant?

The Jade Plant thrives in a dry environment.

It loves to be dry most of the time, so you should water it no more than once every 14 days to allow it to completely dry out.

How much sunlight does the Jade Plant need?

The Jade Plant thrives in bright and direct sunlight.

You can help your Jade Plant by giving it the brightest spot in your house where it gets a lot of direct sunlight exposure.

What is the best soil for the Jade Plant?

The best type of soil for the Jade Plant is soil that drains moisture quickly.

The Jade Plant loves to be in dry soil, so the soil should be dry again in a day or so.

How often should you fertilize the Jade Plant?

Your Jade Plant is needs fertilizer to stay healthy throughout the year.

You should fertilize your Jade Plant once at the beginning of spring and once at the beginning of summer.

You shouldn't fertilize your Jade Plant in the winter.

Is the Jade Plant toxic for pets?

The Jade Plant is highly toxic to your pets and should unfortunately be kept out of reach for them.

If you notice your pet has chewed on your Jade Plant be sure to call your veterinarian right away.

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