How to take care of a Hoya

How often should you water the Hoya?

The Hoya thrives in a dry environment, so you should let the soil dry out before you water your plant again.

On average, you should water your Hoya once every 14 days in the spring and summer and once every 3-4 weeks in the winter.

How much sunlight does the Hoya need?

The Hoya loves indirect sunlight.

You shouldn't put it in a spot where it gets direct sunlight as too much sunlight will turn the leaves on you Hoya yellow.

The bright sunlight helps your Hoya to grow flowers.

What is the best soil for the Hoya?

The soil for your Hoya should hold onto moisture for a few days and then dry up completely.

Your Hoya loves to the soil to dry out before being watered again, so the soil should drain the excess water.

This soil contains things like pumice or perlite for drainage.

How often should you fertilize the Hoya?

Your Hoya is needs fertilizer to stay healthy throughout the year.

You should fertilize your Hoya once at the beginning of spring and once at the beginning of summer.

You shouldn't fertilize your Hoya in the winter.

Is the Hoya toxic for pets?

The Hoya is non-toxic to your pets and small children, so they're completely safe to have in reach of curious pets or children.

What is the best type of pot for a Hoya?

The best type of pot for a Hoya is a terra cotta or ceramic pot.

These pots let let through a lot of oxygen to and absorb the moisture in the soil.

The pot should be around 2-5 cm (1-2 inches) larger than the plant.

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