How to pick the right pot for your succulent

What should I look for when getting a pot for my succulent?

The most important thing to look for is proper drainage.

Succulents are easy to kill when overwatered, so proper drainage is essential.

The material and size of the pot is also important.

What material is right for my succulent plant pot?

The material of your succulent pot depends on the kind if succulent and where you're going to place your plant.

If you place the succulent in a very warm area, a terracotta pot is best.

If you place your succulent in a dark place, a glass pot with proper drainage might be your best option.

How much space for my succulent do I need in my pot?

You need about 2.

5 cm (1 inches) between the edge of the pot and your plant.

If you add more succulents, then you need about 2.

5 cm (1 inches) between the different succulents as well.

How deep should my succulent pot be?

If your succulent has hair roots, you want a very shallow pot for your succulent.

If you have a succulent with taproots, a deeper pot will be a better choice.

Are the roots of my succulent important for choosing a pot?

Yes, the roots of your succulent are a very important factor when you're looking for a good pot for your plant.

The thin hair roots on your succulent means you should choose a shallow pot and the thicker taproots mean you should find a deeper pot.

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