How to care for an Alocasia Zebrina

How often should I water my Alocasia Zebrina?

It's time to water the Alocasia Zebrina when the leaves start to droop down.

This is a sign that the stems aren't full of water anymore.

When the stems are full, the leaves will be raised again.

Do I need to mist my Alocasia Zebrina every day?

Alocasia Zebrinas love humidity.

One way of achieving this is misting the big leaves daily.

However, if you have other measures in place to keep the humidity high (above 60%), you won't have to mist the leaves daily.

Should I rotate my Alocasia Zebrina?

Alocasia Zebrinas grow towards the light.

To avoid the plant growing to one side you can rotate it 90 degrees every day to keep the plant straight.

What is the best place to put an Alocasia Zebrina?

Alocasia Zebrinas are tropical plants and they need a lot of light.

They can't surive in darker areas, so make sure to keep a light spot free for this beautiful plant.

Bright indirect light is ideal, but direct sun is also fine if it's not more than 4 hours per day.

When is the dormancy period for the Alocasia Zebrina?

The Alocasia Zebrina becomes dormany in the late autumn and all of the winter.

It starts to grow again in the spring and does so throughout the summer and early autumn.

Why are my Alocasia Zebrina leaves turning yellow?

The Alocasia Zebrina can only sustain about 4-5 leaves per plant.

Once it exceeds this number, it'll cut off the nutrients to older and weaker leaves.

It does this to give the new leaves the nutrients they need to grow quickly.

Why is my Alocasia Zebrina dripping water from its leaves?

When your Alocasia Zebrina is dripping water from its leaves, it means it's slightly overwatered and it's trying to get rid of the excess water by sweating it off.

The excess water escapes from tiny pores in the leaf.

This is normal and no reason for concern, your plant is fine.

Is an Alocasia Zebrina poisonous?

Yes, the Alocasia Zebrina is poisonous and should be kept out of reach of pets and small children.

How tall do Alocasia Zebrinas grow?

Alocasia Zebrinas grow to about 3 feet tall, so they're not small houseplants, but they stay small enough to fit in smaller spaces.

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