How to care for a succulent (indoors)

How much water do succulents need?

Succulents need very little water.

Watering them too often, more than once per two weeks in the summer or once per month in the winter, could kill a succulent.

So it's best to water it only once per two weeks in the summer and once per month in the winter.

How do you grow succulents from cuttings?

Most succulents are very easy to propagate.

So when you have a succulent cutting, there are only 3 things you have to do: 1.

wait until your succulent has grown a Callus on the section that was cut away from the parent plant.


Plant your succulent in the soil.


Water your succulent.

How much sunlight do succulents need?

Most succulents, like cacti, grow in warm regions in the blazing sun.

There are a few succulents that require less sunlight, but most of the succulents require all the sunlight you can give it.

Make sure to check if your specific succulent needs a lot of light and if so, put it on a windowsill with full sun exposure.

Can you grow succulents outside?

It depends.

If you live in a warm climate with a lot of sunlight and no frost in the winter, you can most likely grow succulents outside.

If you live in a colder climate, you can only grow a select few "cold weather" succulents outside.

If you try to grow normal succulents outside in a colder climate, they will die very quickly.

How do you water succulents without any drainage?

It's recommended to have drainage holes in pots that you use for succulents.

However, if you don't have one of those pots, you'll need to make sure that you water just enough that the soil can absorb the moisture and not have any of it collect at the bottom of the pot.

This can take some trial and error.

How long can succulents go without water?

Succulents store a lot of moisture in their stems and leaves, so they can easily last weeks without water.

In the summer it will need water more often than in the winter, as it's warmer.

Ideally, you should water your succulents every 14 days in the summer and every month in the winter.

How often should you fertilize a succulent?

You could fertilize a succulent once per month, but this is not needed.

You can fertilize it once per year, at the beginning of the growing season (spring).

This way it can use the nutrients to grow right away.

Can you propagate a succulent in water?

Yes, just like propagating a succulent plant in soil, you can also choose to do this in water.

The process is very similar to propagating a succulent in soil: 1.

Let the cutting callus off.


Place the callused off part of the cutting in the water.


Wait for it to grow roots.

How do you care for a succulent in the winter?

Caring for a succulent in the winter is similar to caring for it in the summer.

The only difference is that you'll need to hold off on the number of times you water your succulent.

In the winter, the moisture doesn't evaporate as quickly, so you should water it once per month instead of once per two weeks.

What is the best soil for a succulent?

The best soil for a succulent is soil that drains water quickly.

You could get a succulent or cactus soil mix at a plant shop or make it yourself.

You can do this by adding sand and/or perlite to your soil.

This makes sure that water gets drained quickly and doesn't get a chance to overwater your succulent.

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