How to care for a Philodendron

Is a Philodendron poisonous to pets?

Yes, a Philodendron can cause harm to your pets if they've chewed on your plant.

Watch out for these symptoms: hypersalivation, abdominal pain, vomiting, swelling of the pharynx, and difficulty swallowing.

When you notice these, call your vet.

How quickly does a Philodendron grow?

Philodendron plants are very quick growing plants.

Its vines can grow up to 10 cm per week if it's in the growing season.

How much light does a Philodendron need?

Your philodendron is quite a versatile plant because it can thrive in varying light levels.

However, the perfect light for the philodendron should resemble the light exposure it gets in nature: bright and indirect sunlight.

Why does my Philodendron have yellow leaves?

When your philodendron is getting many yellow leaves at once, it might be getting too much sunlight.

If it's just 1 or 2 leaves, you have nothing to worry about.

Old leaves on a Philodendron turn yellow, so this is a natural process.

Why is my Philodendron droopy?

When your philodendron starts to droop, it usually indicates a watering issue.

It could mean that your plant is getting too much water or not enough.

It's easy to discover which one it is because if the soil is dry, the plant needs more water and if it's wet you need to let it dry out.

How often should a Philodendron be fertilized?

Philodendrons are fast-growing plants, they require regular fertilizing.

During the growing season, spring and summer, it's best to fertilize the Philodendron once per month and during the dormancy period, autumn (fall) and winter, you can scale this back to once per 6 to 8 weeks.

What type of soil is best for a Philodendron?

A palm soil mix is a great choice for a philodendron.

It can retain water well, but doesn't compact, which allows oxygen to get to the roots.

Is a Philodendron the same plant as a Monstera?

No, Philodendrons and Monsteras are two different species of plants.

They do both climb other plants and have aerial roots though.

Is a Philodendron the same plant as a Pothos?

No, Philodendrons and Pothos are two different species of plants.

They do both climb other plants and have aerial roots though.

Can you use a moss pole for a Philodendron?

Yes! You can use a moss pole when you want to train your Philodendron to grow a certain way.

This works the same for a Monstera or a Pothos.

When is the growing season for a Philodendron?

The growing season for a Philodendron is in the spring and summer of every year.

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