How to care for a Calathea Ornata

How often do I water the Calathea Ornata?

You have to make sure that the soil stays moist all the time.

This plant loves humidity and likes to be in moist soil.

So when it starts to dry out, it's time to water your Calathea.

How much light does a Calathea Ornata need?

The Calathea Ornata needs bright indirect light.

A perfect spot is close to a south-facing window where it gets indirect sunlight.

Make sure the Calathea doesn't get too much direct sunlight, otherwise the beautiful leaves will start to fade.

How do I get rid of pests on the Calathea Ornata?

To get rid of pests like spider mites, you should wash the leaves with soapy water on both sides.

This will drown the spider mites and kill them.

What kind of soil does my Calathea Ornata need?

The Calathea Ornata loves moist soil, so make sure to get soil that retains water really well.

Be sure the soil doesn't get too compacted over time.

Air still needs to be able to reach the roots.

Should I mist a Calathea Ornata?

Misting your Calathea Ornata is a great way to keep the moisture levels high enough for this plant to stay healthy.

Try to do this as often as you can.

Is a Calathea toxic to pets?

A Calathea is not toxic to pets and young children.

So you can put it anywhere in your house and be rest assured it won't harm your pets or children.

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