How to care for an Alocasia Polly

What is the best light for an Alocasia Polly?

The best light for an Alocasia Polly is bright indirect sunlight.

It loves bright places, but doesn't tolerate direct sunlight for too long.

How often should you water an Alocasia Polly?

You should water an Alocasia Polly about once every two weeks, but that depends on the season.

It's best to check the weight of your plant.

If it's light, water it.

Is an Alocasia Polly toxic to pets?

Yes, an Alocasia Polly is toxic to pets, both cats and dogs and people.

So keep it out of reach of your pets and small children.

Can you grow an Alocasia Polly in Leca?

Yes, the Alocasia Polly thrives in Leca, because it's watered properly and the Leca helps to allow oxygen to reach the roots of the plant.

What are other names for the Alocasia Polly?

The Alocasia Polly is also called Alocasia Bambino, Alocasia x Amazonica, and African Mask Plant.

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