How to care for a spider plant

The spider plant is a very beginner-friendly plant that's a great addition to any room. It can survive in many different light exposures and moisture levels.

Watering your spider plant

The spider plant is quite a thirsty plant, so you're in luck if you love watering your plants often. Water the spider plant once per week for the best results.

When you see the tips of your spider plant leaves turn brown, you're probably not watering your plant enough. You can use this to figure out how often to water your plant.

The perfect sunlight exposure

The spider plant is not a plant that should be in too much sunlight. They're happiest in indirect sunlight. The spider plant in this photo loves a darker corner.

Fertilizing your spider plant

The spider plant grows very quickly, which means it uses a lot of energy. You can help your spider plant grow by fertilizing it once per month in the spring and summer.

Propagating a spider plant

Your spider plants will put out vines with baby spider plants. You can plant these in soil when the roots are at least 2.5 cm (1 inch) long. You can also propagate them in water.

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