How to care for a Philodendron Birkin

Is the Philodendron Birkin toxic for pets?

Yes, like many other tropical plants, the Philodendron is toxic for pets and humans.

So make sure to keep this plant away from your cats, dogs, and small children.

How much sunlight does a Philodendron Birkin need?

The Philodendron Birkin needs bright indirect sunlight.

It doesn't do well in low-light situations, because it's beautiful leaves will turn dark green.

It can't survive in direct sunlight, because it will get sunburns quite easily.

Why are the leaves Philodendron Birkin white?

When your Philodendron Birkin has completely white leaves, it is because these leaves are brand new.

Its leaves become greener over time.

The go from completely white to striped white and on green to completely dark green.

How often does a Philodendron Birkin need to be watered?

A Philodendron Birkin is a thirsty plant that loves to be in a humid environment.

It should be in soil that moist most of the time, so water it once per week and it'll be a happy plant.

What soil is best for the Philodendron Birkin?

The best soil for a Philodendron Birkin is soil that drains excess water quickly, but retains moisture for a week.

This soil usually consists of perlite and sphagnum moss.

This gives it excellent drainage, but also keeps the soil moist.

Can you use Leca for a Philodendron Birkin?

You can use Leca for a Philodendron Birkin if you want.

Its roots are though and thick, which is perfect for use with Leca.

It will quickly grow its roots towards the water at the bottom of the pot to get the moisture it needs.

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