How do you know when it's time to water your houseplant?

How much water does a plant need per day?

You shouldn't water your plant more than once per week.

If you water your plant every day, you risk giving it too much water and it will die quite quickly.

How much do you need to water your plant in a pot with drainage holes?

You should water your plant slowly until it starts to drip out of the bottom of the pot.

Now you can let it drain for 5 minutes and your plant should be watered perfectly.

How much do you need to water your plant in a pot without drainage holes?

You should only water your plant that's in a pot without drainage holes if the soil is dry.

This helps you to avoid overwatering your plant.

How can you tell if your plant needs water?

You can tell if your plant needs watering if you haven't watered it in at least 7 days, it's soil is dry, and it's drooping slightly.

If you've watered your plants within the past 7 days, don't water it yet.

You could overwater your plant if you water it too often.

How can you make sure you don't water your plants too much?

You can use pots with a drainage hole to let excess moisture escape from the pot.

A raised bottom is also a great way to avoid overwatering your plants.

This raises the roots and soil off the bottom of the pot, so they're not sitting in water.

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