A beginner's guide to fertilizing your houseplants

How do I apply fertilizers to my houseplants?

Applying fertilizer to houseplants is fairly straightforward.

Depending on the type of fertilizer you’re using, it can be as simple as mixing a liquid houseplant food with water and applying it directly to houseplant soil or foliage, or sprinkling granular houseplant fertilizer onto the houseplant’s soil and lightly working it in.

How often should I fertilize my houseplants?

The frequency with which houseplants should be fertilized depends on a variety of factors, including the type of houseplant, the environment it is grown in, and the type of fertilizer used.

Generally speaking, you should fertilize your houseplant once per month in the spring and summer.

Can I fertilize my houseplants too much?

Yes, you can fertilize houseplants too much.

Too much fertilizer can lead to nutrient toxicity, which causes houseplant leaves to turn brown or yellow and may even kill the plant eventually.

What types of fertilizers are best for houseplants?

Both liquid and granular houseplant fertilizers can be effective in providing houseplants with the nutrients they need.

The key is finding the right formula for your houseplants and using it as directed.

Are there any houseplants that don't need fertilization?

Yes, some houseplants do not need to be fertilized.

These include cacti, succulents, and most houseplant varieties of ferns.

These houseplants are adapted to live in nutrient-deficient environments and don't need extra fertilizer for them to survive.

Can I use outdoor fertilizers on indoor plants?

Yes, you can use outdoor fertilizers on indoor houseplants.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the types of houseplants you have, the environment they are growing in, and the type of fertilizer used all play a role in determining how often houseplants should be fertilized.

How do I know if my houseplant needs more fertilization?

If your houseplant is not thriving, appears pale or limp, has weak growth and small flowers, or has yellowing leaves with burnt tips, it could be a sign that it needs more fertilization.

Can I fertilize my houseplants with kitchen scraps or compost?

Yes, you can use kitchen scraps or compost to fertilize houseplants.

When using kitchen scraps or compost, it is important that the material is broken down before applying it and that it does not contain any harmful pathogens.

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