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PLANT DESCRIPTION: Is an evergreen perennial native to Central and South America. This plant grows large, thin, heart shaped leaves which come in a variety of vibrant colors. This particular variety is a bright pinkish-red with a green underside, the colo
ENLIVENS YOUR HOME: Add more color and beauty to your space or office with an easy to care for houseplants. Not only it can enliven your house but also helps to improve your mood and health as well!
IMPROVES CONCENTRATION & PRODUCTIVITY: Indoor plants is proven to improve your focus, productivity and reduce your stress levels which make it perfect not just for your home but your space work as well.
PLANT CARE GUIDE: Worrying of how you will look after your newly bought indoor plants? We got you! With every order comes with a free care guide of different plants that we offer to help you take care of your plants!
FROM OUR (GREEN)HOUSE TO YOURS: Our large variety of indoor plants are grown and now shipped from our Southern California & Florida greenhouses. We are working around the clock and committed to provide the best online shopping plant experience.

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Syngonium | Climbing Green Plant | 4 Plants | houseplant | Height 25 cm | Pot 12 cm | Easy Maintenance

Plant care guides
How to care for a Syngonium

How to care for a Syngonium

Syngoniums are beginner-friendly tropical houseplants for those of you who'd like to learn to take care of tropical houseplants. Syngoniums come in many shapes and sizes. In this plant care guide, we're going to discover what makes this plant happy and how we can help it thrive.