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INCLUDED IN PURCHASE | (1) Sedum Morganianum (also know as Burrito Sedum) rooted in a large (6 inch) pot.
WATERING NEEDS | Succulents are very sensitive to overwatering, and damp soil can cause root rot. Allow soil to dry out completely between waterings. Water once every one to two weeks.
EASY CARE | As one of the most popular trailing succulents, Sedum Burrito "Burro's Tail" can be planted indoor or outdoor. This plant prefers plenty of sunlight and protection from frost. It propagates easily from both leaf and cutting. The leaves fall off very easily on this plant but they also regrow quickly and can be used to propagate more baby succulents!
SOIL | SUN | POTTING | A succulent and cactus mix soil is perfect. The soil needs to have good drainage. Sedum Morganianum likes plenty of sunshine and to be protected from frost. Burrito Sedum enjoys growing in hanging containers best.
USES | These trailing plants are versatile and fun! Simply plant them in your favorite pot to decorate your home or office. Succulents make perfect gifts!

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