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Executive Deal Natural Horticultural Pumice Soil Amendment for Plants, Gardening, Home Decor & More, 3-Gallon


Three Gallons of Pumice Soil Amendment
Excellent for Water Drainage, Aeration, Minerals, Growing Media, & Highly Improves Soil
Helps Against Root-Rot, in Warding off Gnats & others Nuisance
Great addition for home décor
Size: 3/8"inch - 1"inch (Shapes & Size May Vary)

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  • Manually verified quality product
  • Great value for the price

Horticultural Pumice - washed 1-4mm PureGrow® Pumice for bonsai, plants & cacti planting (1 Litre)

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How to take care of an English Ivy

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How to make your soil drain water quickly?

How to make your soil drain water quickly?

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