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American Plant Exchange Chamaedorea Elegans Parlour Palm Live Indoor Houseplant, 6" Pot, Light Green Air Purifier

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Parlor Palm


The beautiful and easy to care for ""Victorian"" Parlour palm was considered a sign of status and prestige during Englands Victorian era
This is a great plant for the beginner or the seasoned houseplant collector
Loved by interior designers for its soft whispy and delicate fronds; ideal size for desks, table and counter tops, and window sills in-home or office
It's multiple stems and fronds can live for 40 days when cut and are often used for flower arrangements wreaths and decorations
Measures from 10-12" tall from the bottom of the plastic containers to the top of the leaves
Houseplants can make your home more beautiful, purify your air, boost your mood, and relieve dryness by raising the humidity in your rooms
Good for your health, a NASA study identified the Areca as one of the top air purifying plants to remove harmful chemicals from the air in your home

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How to take care of a Parlor Palm

How to take care of a Parlor Palm

A Palm, and the Parlor Palm especially, is a great first plant to start your plant collection. They're plants that are great for those darker places in your house where not a lot of other plants can grow. Palms are low-maintainance plants and they're also quite forgiving plants. In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know to take care of your Parlor Palm.