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LIVE MONEY TREE IN POT: This live tree has jade green, lance-shaped foliage. Most commonly known as Guiana chestnut Pachira aquatica or Chinese money tree, and sometimes Pachira macrocarpa. LEGEND OF THE PACHIRA MONEY TREE PLANT: Considered a good luck plant, the Pachira tree is traditionally linked with fortune, prosperity, positive energy, and wealth.
TREES FOR LIVING ROOM DÉCOR: A large money tree can grow up to 60 ft. tall, but can also be trained to remain small as a Bonsai money tree. Plant your money tree indoor in a money plant pot, or place it on a money plant stand and use it as an office tree.
GROW YOUR OWN HOUSE PLANTS: Plant Pachira aquatica seeds in a good luck money tree pot using Pachira aquatica soil or sandy peat moss based soil for money tree. Pachira aquatica food, such as Pachira aquatica fertilizer is available.
LIVE PLANTS GUARANTEE: Guaranteed to arrive in prime condition. Each plant ships fully rooted in a 2.5 inch grow pot. Indoor trees are provided light and water within the nursery, and carefully monitored for quality standards prior to shipping. Requires care upon arrival for continued growth.

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Pachira Aquatica Tree - Live Premium Potted Indoor Plant Braided Stem 12cm Pot

Plant care guides
How to take care of a Money tree (Pachira Aquatica)

How to take care of a Money tree (Pachira Aquatica)

Houseplants are an easy and attractive way to bring some greenery into your home. Learn how to maintain a beautiful Money Tree that will thrive in any environment.