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Delxo 50 Pcs 6 Inch Plants Nursery Pots Reusable Plant Seeding Nursery Pot Waterproof Plastic Pots Seed Starting Pots


Package Include:50pc plants nursery pots. Nursery Pot dimensions : 6 Inch(13 cm)Round At the Top. 6*6*5.1“(15cm*15cm*13cm).
Material:The pots are made of lightweight, soft and thin material, which will deform but not broken under pressure and extrusion. They are washable and reusable.
Drainage Systerm:Adorable Nursery Pot bottom has small Drain holes to keep soil drained and ventilated.
Make Your Own Garden:Set of 50pc flower pots are suitable for planting most small and medium-sized plants,Vivid Lovely colors.Separate drip trays,Can Decorate your garden,your office and room with plants.
Widely Used:Perfect for starting seedlings, or transplanting seedlings from smaller cells into these pots. Starting an indoor garden is easy with our bulk pack of nursery pots.Great for garden lovers.

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  • Manually verified quality product
  • Great value for the price

LATERN 50Pcs 15cm Plastic Plant Flower Pots Lightweight Seed Starting Pots Nursery Seedlings Pots Flower Plant Container (15 x 13cm)

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