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Neem Oil - Pure Organic Neem Oil Plant Spray - Cold Pressed Neem Seed Oil Leaf Polish (8 oz) High Azadirachtin Neem Oil Concentrate

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Pure Neem Seed Oil – Our plant neem oil is 100% organic and all natural with a high Azadirachta content. It is cold-pressed to retain all of its vitamins and proteins necessary for plant health.
Safe For Cosmetics - Totally free of additives and fillers means an abundance of effective cosmetic uses including shampoos, moisturizers and many more. It is also safe for lady bugs, bees, and butterflies!
High Quality – We source our neem oil for plants from small scale organic farmers in India to ensure the highest quality of neem oil.
Just One Ingredient – Our organic plant neem oil only contains one ingredient – neem oil. You can ensure that you are purchasing 100% pure and all-natural neem oil.
Easy To Use – Dilute and spray onto plants for mineral oil free leaf shine spray! Use this neem oil for plants that look a little dull and need a shine!

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