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HFHOME Full Length 14 Inch Moss Pole, 2 Pcs 12 inches Coir Totem Poles Plant Support for Climbing Indoor Potted Plants, Coco Sticks for Monstera Pothos Creeper Philodendron House Plants Live Grow

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【Renewable & Environmental】 The moss totem pole is made of natural coconut shell moss fiber, benefit for your climbing plants. It could absorb water to keep plant moist and nutrients longer.
【Lengthening】Each palm stick is 12'' high long sticks and could be stacked. 14 inch total height is available by inserting one pole into another one, providing reinforcement as your plant grows taller..
【Sturdy Support】The sturdy sharp-edged wooden stick makes the pole easy to insert into the soil, providing strong support for plant expansion. The rope wrapped around the pole securely holds the coconut shell moss for long-term use.
【Widely Used】Totem coir pole is the ideal support for various indoor climbing plants, good for climbing plants and creepers such as Pothoes, Money Plant, Monstera.
【Free Combination】You can extend the coir totem pole since the wood thorn can be inserted from the other end to increase the length, so the length will not be insufficient due to the growth of plants.

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