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Athena's Garden Heart-shaped Hoya Kerrii 2 Live Plant Succulents White Ceramic Pot Arrangement

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A special gift for you or your beloved ones for any occasions to add beautiful accent to home or office
Hoya kerrii is also known as Valentine’s Hoya or heart Hoya and easy to grow.
Hoya kerrii has perfectly heart-shaped bright Green leaf as a unique succulent plant.
Helpful Care instruction is attached.
Open carefully- pot inside

Plant care guides
How to take care of a Hoya

How to take care of a Hoya

The Hoya is a beautiful plant that grows vines and flowers, but needs the attention of a succulent. It's very beginner-friendly, pet-friendly, and does well in most place in your house. Let's find out how to take care of your Hoya in this plant care guide!