Home Plants The best low-light, sun-loving houseplant for you in 2022

The best low-light, sun-loving houseplant for you in 2022

The best low-light, sun-loving houseplant for you in 2022
If you're looking for the best low-light, sun-loving houseplants to decorate your living spaces with in 2022, you're at the right place! On this page, we're going to discuss the best plants for you and your house! I've personally selected these plants to be the best match for a low-light, sun-loving houseplant. Let's find the best low-light, sun-loving house plant for you!
  1. Sedum Morganianum

1. Sedum Morganianum

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The ultimate plant care guide for a Sedum Morganianum

The Sedum Morganianum is the ideal houseplant for beginning plant owners, plant owners that prefer to not spend too much time on their plants, or plant owners with pets and/or small children! The Sedum Morganianum, also known for it's two similar varieties (Burro's tail and Donkey tail) is a very easy-going houseplant that does well in direct sunlight, but also low-light spots.

Read more about taking care of a Sedum Morganianum

I hope you've found your new low-light, sun-loving houseplant to improve your living spaces! If you're looking for more information, you can click the link by each plant to read more about taking care of these plants and see if it's a good match for you.

Frequently asked questions

What should I look for when getting a pot for my succulent?
The most important thing to look for is proper drainage. Succulents are easy to kill when overwatered, so proper drainage is essential. The material and size of the pot is also important.
What material is right for my succulent plant pot?
The material of your succulent pot depends on the kind if succulent and where you're going to place your plant. If you place the succulent in a very warm area, a terracotta pot is best. If you place your succulent in a dark place, a glass pot with proper drainage might be your best option.
How much space for my succulent do I need in my pot?
You need about 2.5 cm (1 inches) between the edge of the pot and your plant. If you add more succulents, then you need about 2.5 cm (1 inches) between the different succulents as well.
How much water do succulents need?
Succulents need very little water. Watering them too often, more than once per two weeks in the summer or once per month in the winter, could kill a succulent. So it's best to water it only once per two weeks in the summer and once per month in the winter.
How do you grow succulents from cuttings?
Most succulents are very easy to propagate. So when you have a succulent cutting, there are only 3 things you have to do: 1. wait until your succulent has grown a Callus on the section that was cut away from the parent plant. 2. Plant your succulent in the soil. 3. Water your succulent.
How much sunlight do succulents need?
Most succulents, like cacti, grow in warm regions in the blazing sun. There are a few succulents that require less sunlight, but most of the succulents require all the sunlight you can give it. Make sure to check if your specific succulent needs a lot of light and if so, put it on a windowsill with full sun exposure.
How often should you water the Sedum morganianum?
The Sedum morganianum thrives in a dry environment. It loves to be dry most of the time, so you should water it no more than once every 14 days to allow it to completely dry out.
How much sunlight does the Sedum morganianum need?
The Sedum morganianum thrives in bright and direct sunlight. You can help your Sedum morganianum by giving it the brightest spot in your house where it gets a lot of direct sunlight exposure.
What is the best soil for the Sedum morganianum?
The best type of soil for the Sedum morganianum is soil that drains moisture quickly. The Sedum morganianum loves to be in dry soil, so the soil should be dry again in a day or so.